Ceremonial dish, Papua New Guinea, Oceania

Ceremonial dish, Papua New Guinea, Oceania
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Exceptional size for this very large Siassi dish or "food bowl". This prestigious object has two functions: a usual function consisting of using it as a dish during ceremonial rites, but also a function of an object of exchange between the tribes of the Tami and Siassi islands and the tribes of the other islands. or the coasts of the mainland. Engraved tribal designs evoking totemic animals (fish, birds) and enhanced with lime. Traces and lack of use. Drink.


Style Tribal Art (Oceanic Common and rituals objects of Tribal Art Style)
Period 20th century (Oceanic Common and rituals objects 20th century)
Length (cm) 96 cm
Width (cm) 46 cm
Height (cm) 26 cm
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
Location 22700, louannec, France
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