20th century
Asian Arts
From: 78360, Montesson, France

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    Soliflore made by artist Mori Taiga in Bizen, Japan. You can recognize the initial shape of the fresh clay, stretched and then lightly screwed together, and the clean stroke of the hand used to slice the material and free its edges like the thorns on a rosebush. The final result is particularly glazed, with contrasting hues ranging from gray to reddish. The vase has been pierced for use as a soliflore.

    Mori Taiga was born in 1974 in Inbe, Bizen, and took over the kiln (Fuurai) from his grandfather, who himself came from a long family tradition of potters in Bizen. Taiga san has exhibited his work around the world, and participated in the construction of an Anagama kiln in France at the Ecomusée La Tuilerie de Pouligny.

    Bizen pottery in Japan, produced from the Kamakura period (1185-1338) onwards, is characterized by its reddish-brown color and the ash deposit covering it, reminiscent of goma or sesame seeds. Later, they became very popular for their superb clay quality, modest appearance, strength and ability to preserve water quality. During the Momoyama period (1573-1600), a gigantic kiln 50m long by 5m wide was erected in Bizen, and it was during this period that the masterpieces of tea ceremony pottery were created. Bizen pottery pieces are fired unglazed in a pinewood kiln for periods of 8 to 20 days. When the temperature reaches 1250°C, pinewood ash falls on the pieces, covering them with a natural glaze in different shades for each piece. Those fired under optimum conditions have a robust, heavy appearance, with a natural texture and an understated elegance. Bizen pottery is said to be modest and unassuming yet full of refinement, in the image of Japan. Bizen is located in Okayama prefecture, and the clay harvested from the commune's rice fields is of excellent quality, enabling potters to create exceptional works.

    Ref: 5LE343P0DB

    Condition Very good
    Style Asian Arts (Decorative objects of Asian Arts Style)
    Period 20th century (Decorative objects 20th century)
    Country of origin Japan
    Artist Taiga Mori
    Height (cm) 30
    Diameter (cm) 11
    Materials Terracotta
    Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
    Location 78360, Montesson, France
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