African Tribal Art - Fang Byeri Reliquary Statue

African Tribal Art - Fang Byeri Reliquary Statue
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This Byeri Fang ancestor sculpture has a matte black patina and erosions, it is mounted on a base.
The African tribal art of the Byeri cult is characterized by a diversity of anthropomorphic sculptures which assume the role of "guardians" and represent the ancestors. Among the Fang of Cameroon and Gabon, each family has a “Byeri” or reliquary box, intended to house the bones of illustrious ancestors. Traditionally, these boxes were entrusted to the care of the oldest member of the village, called the "esa". The reliquary boxes were topped with statues or heads which acted as guardians of the "byeri" boxes, bearing the name of the cult with which they were associated. These boxes were carefully placed in a dark corner of the hut and were intended to deflect harmful influences towards other people.
In addition, these boxes were used during initiation ceremonies for young people affiliated with the "So" society. During the festivities, the statues were removed from their boxes and carried in procession, held by the posterior peduncle (Source: "Fang" by Perrois).

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Ethnic group Fang - Pahouin
Style Tribal Art (African Statues, Puppets, Dolls, Maternity of Tribal Art Style)
Period 20th century (African Statues, Puppets, Dolls, Maternity 20th century)
Country of origin Gabon
Width (cm) 13
Height (cm) 55
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
Location 7333, Tertre, Belgium
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