Buddha Marajijaya in lacquered and gilded wood / Laos / 19th century

19th century
Asian Arts
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Buddha Maravijaya from Laos
The Buddha is represented seated cross-legged on a stepped plinth. The right leg is folded over the left leg, the right hand touching the ground with the tips of the fingers in the gesture of taking the Earth to witness (Bumisparsa Mudra), and the left hand placed in its lap, the palm turned towards the 'outside. This gesture symbolizes the victory of the Awakened one over Mâra, prince of desires and personification of death. The Awakened one is dressed in the uarasanga, the monastic robe, which covers him entirely. The face is characterized by half-closed almond-shaped eyes framing an aquiline nose, the latter overlooking a mouth with a broad smile. The ears have lobes distended by the weight of the ornaments that the Blessed One used to wear as a prince. The hairstyle is made up of small spikes, the skull surmounted by the usnisa from which emerges an imposing element reminiscent of a stupa (Pha That Luang of Vientiane).

The art of Laos has been strongly influenced by its two powerful neighbors, the Kingdom of Siam and the Khmer Empire. It was not until the 14th century that a resolutely original art appeared in Laos with the creation of the Kingdom of Lan Xang.

Note that the room has a darker shade than the digital image processing suggests.

Without base: 46.5 x 17 cm
Material: Lacquered and gilded wood
Condition: Erosion on the back of the subject (stabilized) and wear to the gilding


Style Asian Arts
Century 19th century
Materials Gilded wood, Lacquered wood 
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Location 38090, Villefontaine, France

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