Katana sword, Signed, Muromachi 1333-1573 era

16th century and older
Asian Arts
From: 24560, Issigeac, France

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    Katana, long sword
    14th-16th century
    Blade period: Muromachi 1333-1573
    Signature on the Nakago (blade handle): KASHU JYU KANENAGA SAKU 加州住包永作
    Certificate: hozon paper NBTHK
    Tamahagane steel
    The blade is overall in very good condition condition with some light signs of normal wear, small scratches.
    All very well maintained, polished and sharp
    Kissaki: (point of the blade) very good condition,
    sharp Hosaki (end of the point): very good condition
    Yokote (vertical line marking the beginning of the point) very marked
    Hasaki (grain of the blade): very sharp
    Ha (part of the cutting edge of the blade, including the so-called “temper” line): very marked and visible temper line
    Soie (handle) of the blade in very good condition, no rust or wear excessive Mei (writing, signature): 加州住包永作
    Presence of oblique decorative file lines on the tang (called Yasurime)
    Saber called Sori Asai because the curvature of the blade as a whole is relatively small (Sori: 0.5 cm)
    Blade length: 67.3 cm
    Total length: 98 cm
    Blade weight: 520 g
    Koshirae (sword mount) quite sober overall, as very often this one is more recent,
    Edo period: Kashira ( end of the tsuka (handle)): interlacing decoration enhanced with gold
    Menuki and the Fuchi of the same style are slightly chiseled and enhanced with gold Tsuka-Ityo (braiding of the tsuka) is in very good condition
    Same-hada (shark skin): very good condition
    Tsuba (the hilt of the sword): very good condition, some marks of use around its perimeter. Sober and delicate radiant decoration simply openwork.
    Total weight: 1,057 g
    Saya (scabbard) in black lacquer, very good condition
    Sold with a Fukuro, fabric and silk cover for storing the sword.
    All deliveries, careful shipping with insurance

    Ref: XAF27ITWIY

    Style Asian Arts (Swords, Bladed weapons of Asian Arts Style)
    Century 16th century and older (Swords, Bladed weapons 16th century and older)
    Country of origin Japan
    Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days
    Location 24560, Issigeac, France

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